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Introducing…the real “deal”

January 19, 2010 1 comment

If you’re one of the millions of people who have jumped on the ‘social media’ frenzy, likely that you have learned about a category called, “reputation management”.    I have yet to find one website (including that has a consistent definition of what this actually is, but net / net – it’s strategically managing what others think of you.  Simple tactical example:  Someone posts something negative about you;  it goes out on the PR wire and is popping up on the SEO portion of google, yahoo, and bing.  You are MORTIFIED;  what do you do?  Well, if you work in repuatation management; what you would do is publish as many POSITIVE twitter updates (real time, so this is the quickest way to lower something on SEO), articles, etc. to “push” that negative article down.  The internet has not only given us the ability to connect, share, gossip, etc. but in turn has created hundreds of businesses that make a profit by negating those freedoms.  It’s an economy builder, but at what price?

As I begin this blog, here is my promise to you;  there will be no “reputation management”.  I keep it real.  If people don’t like it or like me, so be it.  I will write my blog with the same candidness that I develop in relationships; ‘you keep it real with me’, ‘i’ll keep it real with you’…and while this may be the “Gen Y” style of a contract or handshake – this is the foundation of any good business relationship.  Authenticity and Trust.

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