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Getting involved with social media is like following through with a workout plan; in the beginning, the potential for big results fuel a gung ho attitude. As the days turn into weeks, bad habits creep in when the fruits of hard work are not as grand or immediate as expected. Similarly, organizations expect a lot out of social media. Its glamour and promises push companies to delve into its deep waters, but like all strong tools, a great reward only comes with hard work. Social media can work well when ingenuity and a long-term plan to realize benefits are employed—not boilerplate strategies.

Slow to pick up, the sluggish healthcare industry is beginning to use new communication mediums, such as social media, at an increasing rate; social media’s charm is not responsible. Pressure from competition is forcing healthcare’s engagement, or opponents may gain ground in the communications arena. Facebook and Twitter…

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  1. February 26, 2012 at 5:55 am

    …..it is:

    1. Tracked and metrics are developed
    2. Realized that is not a miracle solution
    3. Given resources and structures to be successful
    4. A priority (Not something Jenny in Accounting does on her lunch because she is young and knows about that social network type stuff)
    5. Integrated with organizational structures and cultural.

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