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All You Need Is Love – AdTech Realization

Adtech NY 2010 was phenomenal for marketing learnings and networking; and I’m already looking forward to AdTech SF. Over the weekend, I will write a download on the professional speakers, exhibitors, trends and learnings. But for me, the best take away was as follows: Without a supportive husband, I would never have made it through the 4 days away.

Dan Schwabel posted a quote given to him by Marcus Buckingham in his Brazen discussion. The quote was, “balance is impossible to maintain so we should strive to be fulfilled instead.”

For those of us entrepreneurs; who build businesses and look at them as our children; who are so passionate about our work that people who “don’t understand” the love of business – often tell us to “find balance in our lives”. I’ve heard it hundreds of times. I’ve tried it 100s times. But I always find myself to feel like I’m being forced to “choose” between business and relationships.

So in taking the quote above, I realized – I don’t need balance – I just need to be fulfilled. And what fulfills me is having a husband who understands and loves me for who I am; inclusive of that undying passion that drives me to work, to innovate, and to build.

I was so sad at Adtech because while I was living that passion, I wasn’t sharing it with my fulfillment – I wasn’t sharing in with my husband. So I realized, I don’t need balance. “Balance” is for those who work 9-5 jobs. For me, the ‘fulfillment’ comes from sharing the values, the passion, the ideas, and the drive with the one person who fulfills me. My husband.

Fulfillment for me = the shared value of the importance of learning with the one you love.

Ryan Paugh asked me to write a post about “The Legacy I would like to leave”. My legacy will be to my children and to the others I love; do what you love, but ensure your partner loves it as well; share your loves and embrace them. The legacy is the teachings of how working with someone you love will leave you fulfilled.

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  1. November 4, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    Interesting perspective Jamie; I find that the opposite is true for myself. That is, I feel more fulfilled by ensuring a clear distinction between my work life and family life. Of course Entrepreneurs never stop working, but it’s important that I go to the office, be in “Boss” mode to the best of my ability so that I can come home and focus on being a husband, father, etc.. I need to be in Time away at meetings/shows/conferences so that I can come home and switch roles; I strive the be the best at whatever I do, and if I didn’t separate work/life I couldn’t be very good at either, but I understand how important it is to share your work life with your family — Nothing beats coming home after a rough day and having your 4-year old ask if you need a glass of wine 🙂

    Continue to keep it real.

  2. November 5, 2010 at 7:27 am

    AH -you “say” you find the opposite is true and perhaps with children it IS different…BUT my point of this article is really that your ‘partner’ be supportive, understanding, and that your work + your partner’s love of the entrepreneurial YOU is what fulfills you. Based on past conversations, it seems that your wife is as entrepreneurial as you are and while you may not “bring it home”; it sounds as if you are both intrinsically driven and that is something, or a value, that you love about one another…

  3. November 5, 2010 at 3:34 pm

    I consider myself so fortunate that my wife was supportive when I came home that fateful day in 1999 with “my box,” symbolic of the end of my corporate days and the leap into the unknown of entrepreneurship. I am sure there have been times that she’d love to have the six-figure income back, but I don’t think she’d like to have the six-figure *me* back. I know I don’t miss that person I was.

    Oddly enough, even though our personalities are very similar, my wife’s not at all entrepreneurial. Instead, she’s a far more skilled manager than I could ever hope to be, and has been super successful at her post-SAHM career at a Fortune 500 company. So, whether you call that fulfillment or balance, we’re both doing what works.

  4. November 6, 2010 at 3:53 am

    That’s interesting. My husband is a far more skilled manager than I as well ( ; and I would think he is much happier (I guess I should ask – huh?) with me working the way I am now than when I was pulling 16 hour days and bitching about “working for the man”

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