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What If You Feel like “No one wants you”

To add onto my prior posting about mentors, there are always going to be situations in which you’d like to be one’s protege and they are either 1) Too busy 2) Too Concerned about their own career 3) Maybe they simply don’t like you or think you will be a “star”.

To numbers 1 and 2; FORGET THEM! Any great leader will tell you, the sign of a great manager is that they not only hire the “right” people, but they train and work with their team as the goal is always to REPLACE YOURSELF so you can move up. Even if not to replace oneself, perhaps they are fearful of losing their own job. I don’t want a mentor who has ANY fear. In this economy, it is the innovators who are prevailing. As Seth Godin’s Linchpin tells us, we need to make ourselves indepsepnsible…and in order to do so, we certainly do not want to mirror someone who is not confident they are indispensable, right?

That doesn’t mean that everyone will be able to find someone to mentor them, however it is 2010. A “mentor” does not have to be someone that you work with anymore. A “mentor” doesn’t even need to be in the same state, country, or continent as you. Social Media has allowed those of us who are ambitious to “connect”. We need to use and embrace those connections. If you find a blog you like, comment on it, follow it, retweet it, create a blog of your own and link to this blog. This individual WILL notice you.

As technology and our world changes, so do our relationships and types of relationships. If a “mentor” is someone you trust to learn from, and you are seeking one (or 2 or 3 or 4) out, there is no better time to ‘connect’. We are in the midst of a social media KABOOM! The more connections you have online, the wider your pool is of people to work with, network, learn from, and be a protege to…hence, the higher your chances of finding someone you connect with are.

As with anything in business, life, relationships, etc. Don’t give up. You will find people out there to connect with and I hypothesize that 10 years from now, these connections are going to be far more than they are today.

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