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How did I get here? And why do I think I know about business relationships?

Many times I read a blog and I think to myself, “who does this guy think he is?” or “what makes him an expert?”. When it comes to business relationships, am I an expert? Well, probably not. Seeing that I am “gen y” (29 though – on the cusp), older generations may be roling their eyes…that being said, every piece of data shows that HAVING gen y’s in the workplace and learning to work with them WILL help your business grow more quickly… Anyways, off on a tangent…so – why do I think I know what I’m talking about? Well, to start; I’ve made millions of business mistakes and mistakes in relationships in general. Having managed sales and marketing for 2 successful start up ventures, I quickly learned the best way to MOVE UP is to 1) Take accountability if you make a mistake 2) LEARN from it. So, having made millions of dollars worth of business mistakes AND writing down learnings (yes, I am a nerd) from most of them, I have grown into quite the ‘relationship’ guru. Most important asset to have when wanting to work on business relationships, marketing, sales, biz dev, etc. YOU NEED TO GENUINELY ENJOY PEOPLE! And when I say, “enjoy people”, I don’t mean – you like to look at them, you like to hear them speak, etc. What I mean is; you need to appreciate that every person you come in contact with will teach you something new. You need to become a master at the art of human interaction. In my experience, this is tpyically a trait that is innate; Simlar to being an ‘extrovert’ or ‘introvert’ on the Meyers Brigs. Now, how do you know if you GENUINLEY enjoy people? Start by asking yourself, “Do I like conversing with others?”, “Do I employ the 80/20 rule (listen 80%, speak 20%)”, “When I so speak with someone, am I only interested in them for business purposes or am I interested in knowing more about THEM, their surroundings, their family, etc”. If you ONLY want to talk to people FOR money or people who can make you money, you may be a very good salesman or businessman, but you will not be a relationship builder. Millions of people make hundreds of thousands of dollars every year being a “good” business man, there is nothing wrong with that. But a relationship infers a “give” and “take”. It is something that you hope is longer term. My goal is always to leave a lasting, positive impression on someone, so if at any time in the future my partner needs something, they feel comfortable reaching out to me. The mistake that most businessmen make is to treat deals as ‘transactional’ versus taking the time to outline an entire strategy. To be explained in the next post…

  1. synergythris786
    January 21, 2010 at 5:57 am

    Hi Webmaster,

    I liked your content in your post and I felt that i is the great source of knowledge.I am very impress with your post.


    • April 4, 2010 at 10:49 pm

      No, thank you for the quick feedback. I’ll start writing daily and look forward to learning from one another.

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